What is there to say about Nikita?  Nobu Malibu’s beautiful next-door neighbor.  It has an equally entrancing view that will have you giggling in delight and make you feel all sexy and rich and powerful.  It’s neo-Med menu and gorgeous interior and exterior will have you drooling, this place is built to impress and does it mightily.  And its service is attentive, warm and convivial from the valets to the front of house to the wait staff.

But all you really care about is how does it all taste…?


Which is a good news/bad news proposition.

Because The Monster samples much off the menu and there are a hits and misses which can of course be expected.  But at the tariffs charged you may leave feeling a little underwhelmed.  Given this is Larry Ellison’s place named after his girlfriend high prices are perhaps expected.  Here’s the tally…

Insalata di mare with shrimp, lobster, seared scallops, broccoli, fava beans, salmoriglio vinaigrette starts the night off.  It’s all fine and good but it’s not transcendent and you want it to be.


Risotto carnaroli, shrimp, Arugula, pesto, lemon agromato.  It’s nice.  Are you really paying for nice?  You are.

Nikita cannolo, crispy sea bass with Amalfi coast lemon, celery, cantaloupe.  A signature dish and winner.


Grilled veggie pizza, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, Parmesan ribbons.  A huge surprise and a delight to all at the table.


Branzino in salt crust, wilted kale, vegetable ratatouille.  Brazino just might be the most overhyped dish in the history of overhyped dishes.  It’s the Segway of the menu.  You want to love it but…every Med/Italian menu has one and how often do you order it and then wonder why?  Every time.


Turbot, peas, endive, potato pressatina.   Well conceived dish and another standout on the evening.

Scallops, asparagus, papaya, grilled pumpkin.  Just.  So.  Eh.

When the bill does arrive it comes with a security guard who will escort your payment to the vault.  Fine, this is entirely untrue but you’re in Malibu, on the beach, in hugely expensive real estate so you have to know going in this will cost a pretty penny.

Whether it’s worth it will be up to you.

Why go?  You are an assassin.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

22716 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 456-3274

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