There is nowhere in LA more delicious to eat than in Thai Town.  SGV is amazing, Koreatown spectacular, East LA wondrous.  Downtown is booming, Venice is rocking, Echo/Silver/Los all on the up and up.  But Thai Town it is.

And why is this so?  Because The Monster happens into The Original Hoy-Ka on a whim and the place pretty much blows his mind with flavor.  It is stupefying how a sliver of an area like TT can produce so much tasty.  Krua Siri, Darabar, Jitlada, Pa Ord, Ruen Pair, Sapp…the list keeps going…Siam Sunset, Sanamlueng, Red Corner Asia, Pailin…




It’s a little place, cute and cozy, with a staff that is all about making sure you love your experience (they actually refill water, they check up on you!).  The aesthetic is a bit mod meets Thai, with hipsters and families all enjoying themselves to fiery bowls of this and that.

The Monster begins to peruse the menu and gets lost in fantasies of eating most everything on it.  Alas, he is alone and so the order today is green papaya salad (ordered medium at the behest of the waiter given hot is THAI HOT) and the duck noodles (also medium).

Within minutes the salad is delivered and it is an A+.  It is pretty spicy (but not blistering) so The Monster appreciates the waiter’s efforts but knows he could handle it turned up to blast.  Fresh, fishy (shrimp), crunchy, this is a great bet to start your meal.


But then the piece de resistance arrives.  The duck noodles are a soupy, spicy, cinnamon laced wonderland that literally make your mouth dance in delight.  It is a mammoth portion of yes, a true steal at a measly $7.99, and will work as a memorable dinner and the next morning as a perfect breakfast.

This cash only restaurant (ATM on premises) has quickly risen up the ranks of The Monster’s favorites not only in Thai Town but LA proper.  Get on over and see for yourself.

Why go?  You need delicious in your life.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

5401 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 463-1339

Hoy-Ka Thai Noodle on Urbanspoon


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  1. G. Ed.

    I’ll be in LA next month and will definitely check this place out

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