Neopolitan pizza is all the rage in LA these days and Settebello, a mini-chainlet, has set up shop in a horrible location in a terrible Marina Del Rey mall.  That’s the bad news.

Well, also bad news, The Monster wants soup (there is only one on the menu) and they don’t have any soup on this day.  No soup for you.  Now, on to the good…




The space is pretty tight, huge outdoor patio, nicely modern interior.  The service is swift and attentive.  Water is constantly being refilled.  While the place isn’t packed (location, location, location) there is a nice enough lunch crowd.

The Monster settles on a spicy Diavola pie with some crushed tomato, roasted red bell peppers, crushed red peppers, garlic, mozz and extra virgin olive oil.

He then pretends to eat some soup as he waits for his pizza.  No one else finds this even slightly amusing.  Oh well.

The pie is pretty damn tasty.  Underwhelmed by 800 Degrees, this pie adheres to all you want out of Neopolitan style…light, charred, crispy crust, soft middle and fragrant.  It is enough for one hungry person to eat but not so big you spend the rest of the day on the couch holding your tummy.


Now, if you’re looking for more than pizza this is not the spot.  Limited menu.  And if you want soup you just might be out of luck.  And if you hate this mall like you should you may skip it all together.

But if you brave the second floor and settle in you’ll be justly rewarded.

Why go?  You hate spoons.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

13455 Maxella Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 306-8204

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