Dim sum for breakfast pretty well assures that your day is going to be off the charts.  It’s kind of like rainbows and puppies and mermaids, pretty well perfect in and of itself.  And here’s the thing, the dim sum only has to be pretty good, not even approaching magical for that all day shiny smile.

Enter MingHin Cuisine.




So you’re in Chinatown and it’s early and you’re hungry and you want to order the menu (no roving carts here) and you drink the tasteless tea and start rattling off dishes and no one wants to give you water and then, Yahtzee!, the food starts arriving and you start chowing.

There are all sorts of shrimp dumpling-y things and egg roll type jobs and some duck that is the loser of the bunch sadly with its gross greyness and fatty/bony-ness.




Of course you order some bao, and slather everything in that spicy mustard (didn’t love here however) and of course something you ordered never arrives and something you did not order does.



And it’s all pretty tasty but it’s no SGV or Koi Palace but it’s breakfast.  And dim sum.  In Chicago.

So it is in fact altogether wonderful enough.

And then it’s airport time and plane time and going home time and you wonder why airplanes don’t serve dim sum and you wonder why you can’t get good dim sum anywhere near Santa Monica but that just makes the chase for it all the sweeter.

And even as you type away you have this feeling that you’ll be driving across the 10 freeway this afternoon for a dim sum lunch…

Why go?  You wants eggs for breakfast anyway?

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2168 South Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 808-1999

MingHin Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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