Vegas.  Love.  Hate.

Spent a twenty-four hour whirlwind.  Pretty much never left The Cosmopolitan.  First meal, Jose Andres’ Jaleo…




Right off the bat service is annoying.  The waiter doesn’t seem to care.  The place isn’t even packed so what’s the deal?  Is bringing a menu over really all that difficult?  Stop being a douchecock.

As for the space, it’s Vegas.  Over the top gaudiness that still works.  Loud & proud.  Fun.  A place to have many cocktails before heading over to the tables and winning.  Or not.

The menu, not feeling it.  Tapas, but not all that inspired.  The Bazaar this ain’t.  Get some mejillones en escabeche (mussels in Sherry vinegar).  Underwhelming.  The pollo a la parilla en su glasa con aceite y crujiente de ajo is just a long name for chicken in garlic sauce that is bordering on downright bad.  Ensalada de bogavante con cítricos y escarola is a Maine lobster salad with citrus and frisée.  It’s fine.  It should be better than that.



As for the croquetas, they are delicious chicken fritters served in a shoe.  Why are they served in a shoe?  It is kind of gross.  Ditch the shoe, eat the fritters.  The rossejat is a traditional ‘paella’ of fried pasta with fresh squid and shrimp and mighty tasty.  Things are looking up.  Maybe will try out the…


Except then the waiter disappears.  He literally never comes back until the check is brought over.  The table next to us complains.  The Monster pays the bill and heads off to the blackjack tables.

Jaleo, you disappoint.

Why go?  You need new shoes.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 698-7950

Jaleo By José Andrés on Urbanspoon

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