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So we all know West Side Thai pretty well is like ordering sushi in Iowa or Italian in Ohio.  It’s always been kind of a non-starter.  And yet you still do it because Thai Town isn’t always a possibility and you need to quench the hankering.  And then you always end up a little more unsatisfied than you wish.

So you read about Pan Kam and how it is bringing a taste of Thai Town to Culver City.  The menu features some harder to find delicacies that only North Hollywood seems to have and so maybe, maybe this will be your new place.

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When it comes to eating New Orleans inspired food in Los Angeles, the city is nearly bereft of solid choices.  Harold & Belles’s has a place on the list (and The Monster had an amazing time there one night when OJ Simpson was also dining and being heckled by other patrons), New Orleans Vieux Carre should be included, Bayou Grille and…well…hmm?  Is that really as far as it goes?  When the crawfish etouffee or gumbo bug hits are we just totally screwed here?

Well, there is one other place to mention, Uncle Darrow’s.  Now, this place has its flaws.  Fast food ambiance. Counter order.  Some high tariffs for the size of entrees.  A more limited menu that misses some of the classics (you’ll find neither crawfish nor pork on this menu).  But it has some things going for it as well.  Namely, awesome customer service from the always gracious and gregarious Norwood and food that has pretty much always delivered.

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Unstoppable it is.  The need for fried chicken.  And so, like a lemming falling off the cliff The Monster always gives in.  In this case, it’s off to Torrance and Flossie’s.

In a nondescript mini-mall in a nondescript part of town comes some very fine soul food cooking. You’ll wait in line, salivating at the sight off all that wonderfulness behind the glass.  You’ll nearly keel over looking at the huge list of desserts.  Your parched mouth will scream for some sweet tea.

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What is there to say about Nikita?  Nobu Malibu’s beautiful next-door neighbor.  It has an equally entrancing view that will have you giggling in delight and make you feel all sexy and rich and powerful.  It’s neo-Med menu and gorgeous interior and exterior will have you drooling, this place is built to impress and does it mightily.  And its service is attentive, warm and convivial from the valets to the front of house to the wait staff.

But all you really care about is how does it all taste…?

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There is a moment before Bestia opens when the faithful are lined up outside in the recently hipified Arts District and the staff is inside and you hear them.  Clapping.  And yelling.  Very loudly.  It’s bit of a primal experience and it sets the tone for what is to come.  For when the garage doors go up and the front door opens the ravenous and the faithful storm in and the show begins.

With its sleek look and innovative Italian menu and all around convivial vibe you get the feeling Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, husband and wife chef and pastry chef, are having a lot of fun.  As too are the diners, supping on wondrous pastas, delicious pizza and terrific starters.

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There is nowhere in LA more delicious to eat than in Thai Town.  SGV is amazing, Koreatown spectacular, East LA wondrous.  Downtown is booming, Venice is rocking, Echo/Silver/Los all on the up and up.  But Thai Town it is.

And why is this so?  Because The Monster happens into The Original Hoy-Ka on a whim and the place pretty much blows his mind with flavor.  It is stupefying how a sliver of an area like TT can produce so much tasty.  Krua Siri, Darabar, Jitlada, Pa Ord, Ruen Pair, Sapp…the list keeps going…Siam Sunset, Sanamlueng, Red Corner Asia, Pailin…

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Top of Mulholland…

Split pea soup, turkey burger…

Just all sorts of full.

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