Antonio’s is a classic valley Italian on Ventura with comfy Naugahyde booths, red checked table cloths and an old school feel.

With chianti bottles and fake grapes hanging it is a perfect snapshot of a perfect type of Italian, the type your dad went to woo mom.  The type where carbs and cholesterol weren’t buzz words and Sinatra made everything right in the world.




This is the kind of place where candy is still sold by the register, they sponsor little league teams and the friendly service and fair prices are beacons for families looking for a casual night out.

It’s the kind of place The Monster digs even if it’s bad for the waistline and doesn’t register on the hipness barometer.

On this day it’s all nostalgia for The Monster.  A crisp salad with a tangy (homemade) dressing and a cheese pizza.

Both taste just as you want them to. Made with love and served with a side of smiles.  Nothing fancy, just tasty food  the way you want it.



As you sip on your Concha y Toro and tuck your napkin into our shirt to fill up on hearty fare, be taken back to a simpler time at Antonio’s.

Why go?  You have someone to woo.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

13619 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

(818) 788-1103

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