Sirocco at the Renaissance Indian Wells. It gets rave reviews. Lauded. Heaps of praise.

The room is abysmal. The service a touch better. If you were at the 2004 Fridgeadair convention and consider it a high water mark of life this tired hotel and restaurant are for you.  For The Monster, well…



It just all feels sad. Dated. They are trying hard however which helps.

The menu, eh. Not so exciting. Some swordfish and some…eh.  So here goes…

The mussels in spicy tomato broth are pedestrian. Small bivalves. Decent sauce.  Can be skipped.


The chicken Parmesan special is a gigantic portion and surprisingly well received by The Monster. Now this, this makes the night a touch better.  You will be happy with this.

The orecchiette with basil pesto lacks any taste whatsoever and may have been sitting around since 2004.  Fail.


Dessert is skipped and The Monster takes half the parm home for breakfast which will be delightful.

Why go?  You live for a good convention.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

44400 Indian Wells Lane
Indian Wells, CA 92210

(760) 773-4444

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