So you want to go to the outlet malls in Cabazon (why?) and it is 108 degrees Fahrenheit (holy shitballs) and you worked out and then ate nothing more than a piece of honeydew melon and so you will eat the gum off a strangers shoe you are so gut-wrenchingly hungry.

And there is La Pacha Mama food truck and that seems like a better call than the food court which is a surely depressing place to be like prison or grandma’s house on your birthday.



You settle on two chicken tacos from the limited menu and in the shade begin to melt as you wait.  Your skin is dripping in pools onto the grass and you feel your lungs struggling from the oppressive temperature.

The food arrives and you run some lime over it and sample the two salsas. One is merely bad while the other redefines the word and makes your stomach do an immediate somersault in protest.


Luckily, the tacos themselves are fine enough, mostly innocuous tasting save the slivers of onion and the juicy tang of the tomato.

But you question sanity and why so many tourists are here and what they are possibly buying and why it must be so hot and where in the world the people you came with are and you hope never to have to be here again.

Why go? Mistakes and tourists.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

48750 Seminole Dr #100

Cabazon, CA 92230

(951) 922-3000

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