Pizzicotto is the kind of place The Monster can get behind.  It’s warm, homey, friendly and most importantly it never fails to deliver a meal that satisfies without being pretentious or cute or costing thirty-seven gazillion dollars.  There is a real touch of neighborhood Italy here, something The Monster often pines for after getting married in Capri.

A stalwart on Italian row in Brentwood, The Monster has been coming to this little sliver of a spot for years.  He is always greatly warmly, offered plenty of the assorted and addictive breads with warm, garlicky oil while he peruses the menu and daily specials.  And not once has he left unhappy.


On this occasion some bruschetta, some Margherita pizza, some Tortelloni di Zucca with pumpkin and ricotta in a creamy tomato, pesto, and parmigiano sauce.  It is not a healthy meal, that is for sure.

But it is a delicious meal.  The kind where everyone around the table offers up a bite of what they are having with a little bit of pride, as if the wonderful flavors are their doing.  It is a meal where calories be damned, everyone wants to order dessert and linger a little bit longer, keep the conversation flowing.



When you go you’ll find a huge array of offerings to choose from.  For those looking for more healthy offerings, Pizzicotto has you covered as well with many salads and fish dishes on offer.  For those who want to go full on gluttony, this is your kind of spot.

Mangia, beve!

Why go?  You worked out in the morning.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

11758 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

(310) 442-7188

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