Hawaiian country cottage meets Bavarian ski lodge is the aesthetic at Kilauea Lodge, a stone’s throw from the entrance to Volcano National Park.

It is the nicest place to eat in the area and gets crowded with tourists looking for a chance to see the flow and glow of lava at night.  In the colder months with the fire roaring and beer stein’s on the mantle you may find yourself ordering the antelope or schnitzel. So, how does the food hold up?



To start, pea soup with curry – simple and phenomenal. Will be trying to replicate this at home.  What a surprise. One of the better soups The Monster has had in years.


Zucchini spears with cocktail sauce is up next – likewise they are simple and delicious. Not terribly fried beyond recognition, the cocktail sauce is the key here with a little kick to it.


The seafood pasta special is the main dish (with the duck a la orange coming in a close second as the call, next time) – featuring fresh seafood in a light creme fraiche sauce and it is tasty as well.  Shrimp, scallops, ahi tuna.

What a surprise. With a captive audience and little need to impress the food at the Lodge is leagues better than The Monster would have thought.

With good service (but high prices) Kilauea Lodge fills the niche for flavor and atmosphere in a place least expected.

Why go?  Volcanoes are rad.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

19-3948 Old Volcano Rd
Volcano, HI 96785

(808) 967-7366

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