Set in a charming house on the edge of Hanalei, Postcards is a casually elegant and romantic spot for some of the better food on the North Shore.

You’ll find couples on honeymoon, families with their kids and locals alike digging into a menu featuring seafood and vegetarian options.





On this night service is relaxed, friendly and welcoming making Postcards feel like a night spent with friends at home.

Beautiful bread with macadamia nut butter is just about perfect as The Monster sips on island drinks.



To start off the night the Postcards platter. Crunchy seafood filled rockets with coconut curry, crab cakes, spice crusted ahi, taro fritters along with pineapple chutney, relishes and sauces.  Something for everyone and indeed a treat for the taste buds.


For the entrees, how can one resist ordering a fennel-crusted lobster tail with velvety mashed potatoes and asparagus in a white truffle sauce?  You can’t.  And you shouldn’t.

But the signature dish here is the wasabi crusted ahi tuna with mirin shoyu ginger sauce and the day’s vegetables. So that makes the grade as well.


Happy to report both are pretty great.  The lobster tail pairs perfectly with the truffle sauce and crunchy asparagus.

But the real star here is the fish for which this restaurant is justifiably known.  It is a special dish and The Monster greedily devours it.  You’ll see ahi on every menu in Hawaii but this is a must order.

You’ll probably skip dessert because you want to make it out to the beach to catch this…


Why go?  You still send postcards.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

5-5075 Kuhio Highway, Suite A
Hanalei, HI 96714

(808) 826-1191

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