St. Regis, Kauai Grill by Jean-Georges. The property itself is the nicest on the island but that ain’t saying much because it feels like a nicified airport Marriott (albeit with great service and a stunning Hanalei Bay view).

The room is pretty atrocious. Loud, great view, good service. But the room is just horrible. However the menu reads pretty amazingly. Let’s dive in…



Black pepper Kauai shrimp, sun dried Maui gold pineapple starts the night off.  Spicy, salty, accented with sweet pineapple. Would like to walk into the kitchen and kiss the chef.  Will wait until the entrees to see if it is necessary.


Mahi mahi with nut and seed crust and sweet and sour jus is next. Will be kissing the chef. Full on lips. That jus is just phenomenal. Truly.  Best mahi mahi ever?  Yes.


Sichuan peppercorn crusted bigeye ahi tuna with accompanying sauces, black pepper jam and miso-mustard up next. Might use tongue. Amazing.

Asparagus with herb vinaigrette and lemon crumbs.  Using tongue.


J&G cheesecake, rhubarb sorbet, hibiscus syrup and Tokaji “red label” 2007 dessert wine to top off the night.  Stunning.  Is the chef single?



Wow. Terrible room aside, this is an outstanding meal.  Pricey but worth it in every regard in relation to the food.

Why go?  Room aside, a culinary triumph on this evening.

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters

5520 Kahaku Road
Princeville, HI 96722

(808) 826-9644

Kauai Grill at the St. Regis on Urbanspoon

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