After a glowing write-up in LA Magazine The Monster decides to hit up Las 7 Regiones for some Oaxacan grub.  Time to get the mole on.

First impressions.  Nowhere to park.  Lots of bodegas blaring music.  A preacher on the corner sending out his message from god.  A roving pack of dogs may snack on The Monster before he makes it inside.  Pushes the door open and…



…it looks like every hole-in-the-wall Oaxacan in Pico-Union.  Lots of Mexican families, televisions playing soccer, guys in paint-splattered overalls sipping beer, ranchero music.

Chips and salsa are quickly brought to the table.  Not impressed.  Stale, store bought chips and a salsa that features smoky heat but is terribly watery.  Would be better off with Tostitos salsa than this.


Perhaps LA Mag is nuts.

But then the mole negro arrives.  Beautiful, rich, nuanced flavors.  Wish the flour tortillas were fresh but the chicken is so screamingly delicious that it proves a minor quibble.  Now, Gish Bac is still the best in LA but Las 7 makes a winning version as well.

Full and (mostly) happy The Monster takes leave of Las 7 and peaks his head into a nearby store to see what type of fun awaits.

Why go? Tostitos is muuuuch better than Pace.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2648 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(213) 385-7458

Las 7 Regiones on Urbanspoon

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