If it’s good enough for Anthony Bourdain then it’s good enough for The Monster.  And so The Monster heads to Little Bangladesh to check out Swadesh where Bourdain dined for Parts Unknown.

This market/restaurant is high on local color/a bit low on service but features some mouth-watering specialties that will have you happy to brave the rough edges of this destination.




The steam table features an ever-rotating selection of food, many curry based choices, vegetables, samosas and the like.  Order, grab a plastic tray, sit at one of the few tables available and watch the television perched in the corner.

The Monster opts for the fish curry (perch perhaps), some cauliflower and peas over rice along with a samosa.

Drinking his tepid tap water and swatting away a few pesky flies, The Monster closes his eyes and for a second he is in Dhaka.   Then the news returns squawking about gas prices and the weather and it’s right back to LA.

For the money (it’s cheap), this is a hearty, tasty and quick lunch.  The fish is wonderful, the veggies tasty, the samosa decent.


You’re not going to linger at Swadesh much past perusing the aisles for some unique products to try at home.   The Monster loads up on Indian mustard along with some jam.



Why go?  You own a fly swatter.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

4153 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 386-7799

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