Whiskey bar, southern/creole restaurant/Pier Three tourist hang. Deemed one of the hot tickets in town The Monster hits up Charles Phan’s spot for a little mid day snack/drink.

Dominated by the horseshoe bar cum eating area and with a back wall featuring myriad whiskeys, this is a good looking room of white marble and concrete floors.  An open kitchen shows off the fresh seafood you’ll surely be sampling.  Know that seating is mostly around the bar or along the wall so this is no a spot for large groups looking to converse with each other.





Buttermilk crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly start things off. Healthy?  No.  Southern inflected goodness?  Yes.


Next up is the seafood gumbo with andouille sausage. While the flavor is there, especially when liberally doused with hot sauce, the gumbo is a tad too oily and suffers because of it.


From here it is a tough call.  Okra étouffée?  Gulf founder sandwich with slaw and jalapeño aioli?  Oysters?

Oysters it is.  Briny, sweet, salty, creamy.  Goes well with the glass Cep Pinot Noir Rose showing hints of kiwi and strawberry.

Time for a little sweet to end the eating/drinking sojourn.  Fried blackberry pie?   Yep.  Almost an empanada with fruit compote filling and brown butter dipping sauce.


While Hard Water has a hard time living up to The Monster’s love, New Orleans, a cool vibe, friendly service and pretty decent eats make this an a-ok place to waste an afternoon or evening.

Why go?  Bourbon whiskey.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

Pier 3, Suite 3-102
San Francisco, CA 94111

(415) 392-3021

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