There is not one place in LA to get New Mexico style cuisine (how is this possible?) so it is a happy day when The Monster’s friends suggest Green Chile Kitchen in SF.

This casual counter order will not only sate your Santa Fe foodie dreams, it might even do one better and be some of the best food you’ve had inspired by this region.



So there is chips and guac; sautéed organic pardon peppers with green chile salt and lime; tamales with sweet potato and pepitas; soft chicken tacos; red chile chicken posole with hominy, cilantro, and onion; green chile stew; corn with cotija cheese, butter and red chile.  To wash it all down, white sangria.




By in large the food is wonderful.  Particularly the posole, stew, peppers and corn. Hearty, filling and fresh.  The posole and stew, perfect for cold, misty SF days.  The peppers and corn, simple, addictive.  Perhaps the only miss, and this is by comparison, is the soft taco which is good but not revelatory.

With friendly service and a warm and convivial vibe, Green Chile Kitchen is just the kind of place The Monster wishes LA had.

Why go? You hate the art in Santa Fe.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

1801 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 440-9411

Green Chile Kitchen and Market on Urbanspoon

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