If you like Zam Zam Market for Pakistani (and if you don’t, we can’t be friends) you’ll feel comfortable at Aladin Sweets and Market, a Bangladeshi hole in the wall restaurant and market.

If cleanliness and decor top your list move on. If service is your thing do not come.  But if unique food and flavor drive you head to Little Bangladesh and give it a shot.




The steam table is where it all starts.  There is a menu as well but The Monster wants to try what is readily available.  Plus, he is starving and patience is at a premium.

So it is a vegetable samosa and a puff pastry filled with chicken. Served with a side of vegetable as garnish and a little green sauce.  You can get silverware or go native and eat with your hands.

The vegetable samosa is rocking.  Love the accompanying sauce which adds a hint of spice.  The puff pastry filled with chicken is likewise fantastic.  Flaky on the outside, warm and filling in the middle. The Monster is no expert on Bangladeshi cuisine so he won’t hazard if this is authentic, just that it is delicious.


And it is super cheap to boot.  After perusing the market The Monster has an Indian mustard and a mango chili Kasundi to try at home. All told, the condiments and meal measure out at $8.


Why go?  You miss Dhaka.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

139 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(213) 382-9592

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  1. JLo

    Try the goat curry and a fresh mango lassi next time you go. One of my favorite spots in K-Town

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