The Monster is in Boise.  Idaho.  Why?  A little food.  Some drinks.  Whitewater rafting.

And because Boise is random enough, The Monster soon learns the city is home to a sizable Basque population.  Because when you think of Basque country, you think of Idaho.  And so it is fitting on this most random trip to start things off at Bar Gernica on the Basque Block.




A bar, a local hang, a menu of Basque specialties and then much that has you scratching your head (are cheeseburgers big in Basque country?) this is a friendly, convivial place whether you sit inside or on the patio.

The Monster pretty well knows he is getting the croquetas.   Made from butter, onion, chicken, flour and milk and served with Tiger sauce they are decidedly unhealthy but also screamingly delicious.

And since this is Idaho, know for potatoes (and trout, anything else?) some French fries are in order.  Oh yes, you will be happy with these fries.  Hand cut, freshly made, they are quite possibly the best The Monster has had in years.


What might tempt you?  Spicy lamb grinder with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese.  Chicken, chorizo and saffron rice paella perhaps.  Basque style rice pudding.  And because you are so authentically Basque, a patty melt.

Feeling quite satisfied and conversely disgusting with himself, The Monster goes on a little walk (it is 100+ on the thermometer) to check out downtown Boise in all its sublime glory.

Why go?  Adventure awaits in Boise.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

202 South Capitol Boulevard
Boise, ID 83702

(208) 344-2175

Bar Gernika Basque Pub & Eatery on Urbanspoon

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