Let’s start out with the bad.  How is Phorage out of both shrimp and broccoli at lunch?   It’s not a large menu so this is particularly egregious.

The Monster wants the shrimp.  And he wants the broccoli. He’ll get neither.  Nuts.  Now, on to the good…




The former Chego space has been handsomely redone into this west side Vietnamese.  Order at the counter and snag a seat at one of the tables or along the counter snugging the other wall.

For those looking to get their pho on this place will surely satisfy. It is more expensive than other spots but convenience and quality ingredients make this less of a quibble.  Pretty tasty soup (just imagine you see it because The Monster forgets to take a snap).

Likewise, the vegetarian imperial rolls are equally delicious. A large portion, they are perfect for sharing. Maybe running out of shrimp isn’t such a bad thing.


Well, the bahn mi needs an intervention.  It is darn near tasteless. No amount of Sriracha saves it.   Hopefully Phorage will work on this because a limited menu needs everything hitting on all cylinders.

All in all, losing Chego hurts but gaining Phorage just may end up being a nice little trade.

Why go?  Shrimp and broccoli hater.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

3300 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 876-0910

Phorage on Urbanspoon


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