The Purple Pig is an unfortunate name (for this non-swine eater at least) in an unfortunate location (right off Michigan Ave./tourist central) for what ends up being a phenomenally wonderful meal.

Fans of Gjelina/Animal/AOC in LA and the like will find much to love in this Med-influenced/tapas/gastro/charcuterie/all around awesome spot.  The Monster is pretty well in love.



A nice, crisp glass of rose on a swell Chicago day starts things off along with some lovely veggies and eggplant parmesan balls.




But that is but the preview for the stars of the show.  A turkey leg confit with crispy lentils, treviso, endive and agrodolce is ridiculously good, like make love to your meal good.  If The Monster could sing he would have written and performed a love ballad to the turkey leg.  That’s not weird.


Chicken thigh kebabs with fried smashed potatoes and tzatziki don’t quite inspire song but they are damn good as well.


How could you not order the pan-fried skate wing with beets, turnips, mint and blood orange balsamico?  Well, you do, and it is grand.  So much flavor.  Getting so full.  Must trudge on.


Because then you have scallops spiedini with chickpea aioli.  Delicious.  Perfectly cooked morsel of goodness.

Feeling like a purple pig yourself, you order a little dessert wine and contemplate the slumber that will soon be.

Why go?  You have a lovely voice.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

500 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 464-1744

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