It takes a trip to Harvest Pizzeria for The Monster to not believe he is banished to food purgatory on this trip to Columbus.

Nestled in a cozy room and with a splendid outdoor patio in German Village (itself a Columbus gem), and situated beside sibling bar Curio, this is hipster central for artisan pies and amazing desserts.




Reputed for long lines and no reservations, The Monster is lucky to grab a seat immediately.

Roasted red pepper hummus with organic carrots and spiced flax seed crackers is quickly ordered while the rest of the menu is perused.


The call is a chipotle tomato sauce, smoked chicken, fresh mozz, pepperoncini and cherry tomato pie.

The hummus arrives and it is pleasing enough, wish their was a little more kick.  Still, it tides one over before the main event.

On to the pie, a lovely char on the crust and piquant bite from the sauce and peppers paired against the smoky flavor of the chicken makes this a winner.


But The Monster squirrels away a few slices to save room for dessert. And is he ever glad.

The Buckeye pie, layered peanut butter and chocolate custards topped with Snowville whipped cream (with one buckeye in the middle for good measure) is pure heaven.  Buckeyes are an Ohio treat and this pie synthesizes everything that is great about it.


This may not top The Monster’s beloved Rubino’s but it is still a fantastic Columbus option.

Why go?  You believe in heaven.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

495 South 4th Street
Columbus, OH 43206

(614) 824-1769

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