The Monster will say this, Plate is trying really hard to satisfy.  From the hostess to the bartender/waiter (who is busting his ass) they want you to enjoy your experience. And with a certified master chef at the helm you’d think you would.

Plate however has a lot of kinks left to work out.



Seated at a hightop by the bar the bartender becomes your de facto server. This has to change. Stretched thin already, he can’t reasonably be expected to take our orders, make sure food arrives in a timely manner and refill our drinks.  He does his best but it is still a soup sandwich of service.

On to the menu.  What exactly is this place aiming to be?  Italian?  American?  Neighborhood spot?  While many dishes sound appealing it’s a feathered-fish stab at pleasing the masses.

The calamari and shrimp starter isn’t all that great.  Greasy, over-battered, the aioli isn’t helping and the accompanying Asian slaw feels out of place.


Luckily, the gazpacho, while heavy-handed with the oil, is delicious. Smoked heirloom tomato, poblano peppers, Spanish sherry vinegar topped with a watermelon and basil salsa, it is a summer course done with a deft hand.


As for the entree, it is fish and asparagus and while competent, it pretty much bores The Monster so much he forgets to write down the preparation.  It isn’t a dish that makes you need to return.

There is promise in Plate, but as currently defined (The Monster hasn’t even gone after the stupid name, too obvious) it just doesn’t yet work fully.

Why go?  New Albany is bereft of options.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

29 South High Street
New Albany, OH 43054

(614) 855-2929

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