Nobody is going to confuse Cafe Creekside for a great restaurant.  It is what is it. A homey place with a fantastic location (creekside, natch) serving up cheap, filling, tasty enough grub.

From your table outside you’ll get to gander at ducks and geese, communing with nature makes this a relaxing respite.  You’ll also be assaulted by the cars whizzing by a few feet away.  So there goes any semblance of leaving it all behind.




The Monster likes Creekside because you can order lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.  So lunch it is during breakfast.

There is some turkey smothered in gravy. Some big ol’ waffle fries and a side of fruit to pretend like you’re counting calories.


Service isn’t the strong suit here but the food comes quick enough and everything tastes just about how you would expect it.

After your breakfast/lunch you can take a leisurely walk along the creek or do what most in Ohio do, tramp back to the car.  Who needs the exercise anyway?

Why go? Location, location, location.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

53 Granville Street
Gahanna, OH 43230

(614) 337-1819

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