As seems to happen once a month, The Monster needs fried chicken.  He also requires mac and cheese.  Some candied yams.  Cornbread.  Oh, and if you have some peach cobbler that will work as well.  To wash it down, raspberry ice tea.

And so on this occasion a trip to Inglewood is in order for Dulan’s Soul Food.  The food is all pre-prepared, staring out at you from behind the glass like a carnival of calories and a reminder that maybe you should go to the gym tomorrow.  Twice.


It’s literally seventy thousand degrees when you walk in (please, more fans) but the people are super friendly, the portions huge and the price is right.  You place your order and in two minutes you are devouring that chicken, killing that mac, stuffing your face.  It is all terribly delicious and unhealthy and you’ve eaten so much your stomach is distended and then you look at the portion and realize you haven’t even made a dent.




This will be a snack later.  And dinner tonight.  And maybe even breakfast tomorrow.

You look around at the other people enjoying their grub (a man so tall, seven feet? you assume he is a basketball player, a grandma so old and wizened she looks almost petrified, a family of five not talking, just eating) and think that Dulan’s might be some of the best honest to goodness soul food LA has to offer.

You take your Styrofoam container (damn, it is heavy) to the car and drive home, the sweet smell of wonderful food tickling your nostrils.

And then you get home and dive right back in, full stomach be damned.

Why go? You need a good schvitz.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

202 East Manchester Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301

(310) 671-3345

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One response to “REVIEW: DULAN’S SOUL FOOD

  1. Always had to land some Saturday and the one thing about me critiquing food is very important to my palate I’m also a vegan so I really appreciate good food anyway we were there and I ordered greens and string beans and I asked I said well is your macaroni and cheese really buttery and they said yes so we ordered dressing and chicken whatever the other person wanted and it was really appalling the taste was just not proper and I think it’s the the volume of food that they are preparing but people are still buying it but I hope that so the gentleman will listen

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