There is a sign at Mo Better Burgers that clearly warns that the food is cooked to order and it will take fifteen to twenty minutes to receive your order.  That’s all good.  Rather have the food freshly prepared than premade or frozen.

But when they aren’t all that crowded (save apparently to-go orders for days) at what point does a hungry Monster start to lose his mind?  Twenty-five minutes?  Thirty minutes?  Thirty-five?  Forty?  This is a burger joint, not Melisse.


Forty-five is the correct answer (and by lose his shit he means internally, not at any of the employees).  Because that is how long it takes to get a turkey burger with turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato and barbecue sauce, a chicken taco and French fries.  Now, The Monster experiences pleasant service.  And the food is mostly tasty (save the taco, don’t love that at all) but if it is going to take this long to get food perhaps someone should make mention when ordering that they are backlogged with to-go orders.

The Monster is many things but one of them is not psychic.  When he is not fed regularly his head begins to spin like in The Exorcist and he has been known to steal food from the old and infirm.   So, if said restaurant has a ton of to-go orders in front of people dining in it would be super-duper-awesome to say that this might take a while.  If the restaurant is pretty empty then the expectation is food will come out in short order, correct?  This of course does not happen.

What does happen is the wait followed by The Monster finishing a turkey burger, fries and a taco before others at his table have three bites of their food.   It is both a marvel to behold and utterly filthy and later in the day the tummy doesn’t feel so resplendent.  It’s like a bear deciding to gorge before hibernation.  Except the hibernation part never actually transpires and instead the bear is left wondering why it had to treat itself so shabbily.

Yes, the fries are fresh and the burger is good (though not as great as The Monster hopes after such a long wait).  Yes, they have parking.  Yes, the people are pleasant.  And no, it is not ultimately worth the wait.



All of this is a long way of saying that expectations color our taste-buds.  Mo Better is a good option for to-go food but The Monster doesn’t think he’ll be dining in again unless he is not hungry and has lots of time to kill.

Why go?  You hibernate.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

901 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 939-0242

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