Let’s talk value for a sec.  If you love a meal are you willing to spend fifty dollars on it?  One hundred?  One thousand?  The Monster loves to eat.  He loves great meals.  He has (probably) spent too much money in a (assuredly) Sisyphean task of eating everywhere.  But he also loves value.  He loves discovery.  He loves an inexpensive meal done well.

And then there is Gate of India.


This is not a complaint about the food.  The chicken tikka masala is tasty enough.  Yea, it is heavy on butter but that creaminess works every once in a while.  The naan, though not perfect, is pretty good.  Great way to slurp down the extra sauce.


But it is lunch.  At an Indian restaurant.  And chicken tikka masala and naan should not cost twenty-four dollars.

Sure, they have a buffet.  It looks pretty meager and not all that great.  It also isn’t terribly cheap at eleven dollars.  Have to pass on the buffet.

So The Monster orders off the menu.  Yes, he sees the prices as he orders.  But he’s in a rush.  He needs to eat.  He doesn’t really process that with tax and tip he’ll be spending this kind of money.  And no meal should cost this amount of money at lunch sitting in the chair The Monster is sitting in.

The service is fine enough.  Water is refilled.  Food comes out in short order.  The décor is what it is.  This is an Indian restaurant and it looks like one.  You didn’t come for the ambiance.

For twenty-four dollars at lunch how many other restaurants could The Monster have eaten at?  He could have had the lunch omakase at Echigo for half the price.  He could have had an order of wings and a jerk turkey burger at Cha Cha Chicken with money to spare.  He could have had the lobster roll at BP Oysterette for the same price.   All delicious.

Not often want to do this, The Monster heads over to Yelp to see if others commiserate.  Some quotes:

The portions are ridiculously small and the food is overpriced.


Overall, it’s just plain overpriced.

The small portions for the price just weren’t worth.


For the price we paid we left half full.


Gate of India has a great location.  Gate of India can cook some decent eats.  Gate of India is sadly not a good value.

Why go?  You so rich.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

115 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 656-1664

Gate of India on Urbanspoon

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