There are days when everything seems to conspire against you.  The world pins its ears back and takes a jab at you.  A car parks so close to yours you can’t get in.  The person at the pharmacy in front of you apparently is in no hurry whatsoever and you have somewhere you need to be.  The sun just doesn’t shine.  The phone rings with bad news.

And then you’re driving home and there you see it.  The Lobsta Truck.  And you know.  A lobster roll will bring sweet happiness.



There is no line.  It’s like the day is opening up anew.  You order a lobster roll, hot and buttered.  And almost instantaneously you are handed the manna of heaven.

The sweet lobster, the bit of crusty roll, the salinity, they dance in your mouth.  They bring a smile to your soul.  There is no shame as you stuff your face.  You feel no remorse for crushing that thing.

Because you have already decided.  You are getting another.

Is it the best lobster roll you ever had?  Doesn’t really matter.  It is a lobster roll.  And it has made the day perfect.

Why go? You need a hug.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

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