A blink and you miss it spot on Pico not far from Little Ethiopia, Awash is an incense wafting Ethiopian short on atmosphere but long on value.

Don’t be frightened off by the outside (barred windows, a heavy closed iron door) nor think the incongruous disco ball hanging from the ceiling makes this place any less authentic.  What you will find here is parking (good luck near Little Ethiopia) and plenty of Ethiopians engaged in animated conversation.



The Monster takes a seat by the window (and the open front door less the incense overtakes him) and waits on his chicken tibbs.  You may choose from a pretty standard menu of beef, chicken and fish dishes that look like most of the other joints down on Fairfax.

And soon it comes. A huge mound of chicken and vegetables and the gloriously sour injera along with a small side salad.  It is too much food for one so plan on sharing which makes this meal a ridiculous deal.



You’ll find service to be directly in line with how busy they are.  Once this place gets jammed (and it does) little things like water being refilled and the bill being brought do take longer.  It’s a small, family run affair so that’s less about caring and more about the reality of the place.

The Monster leaves stuffed and happy and with a to-go box.  Ah, breakfast the next day!

Why go?  You need more incense in your life.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

5990½  West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(323) 939-3233

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