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On Wednesday night The Monster participated in his first Dishcrawl (, an event patterned much like a pubcrawl swapping out alcohol for food at four local restaurants.  In this case the Dishcrawl was a Santa Monica/Venice affair (The Monster’s hood) and hearing that all proceeds would go to worthwhile charitable causes The Monster was eager to participate.  He’s surely glad he did.

A group of forty-five eager Dishcrawlers met up at Areal on Main Street and the fun and organized mayhem began.  The Monster grabbed a drink at the bar and then met some of his fellow food enthusiasts.  You had everything from college students to retirees, locals to Long Beachers, all excited to see where the night would take us.  Because all you know going in is where and when to meet, not the evening’s full itinerary.

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Pettycash Taqueria.  It’s an all-star team of heavy-hitters in the food world.   Taking over from Playa (and before that Grace) it is spearheaded by Bill Chait with Walter Manzke and Tijuana’s acclaimed Guillermo Campos Moreno from Tacos Kokopelli directing the menu.  Further, Bill Esparza, the guru behind Tacolandia, is entrenched as well.

From the giant mural outside (don’t dig it at all) to the new space that feels funky and energized (mostly dig it save the rolls of toilet paper and/or paper towels easily visible stacked on a shelf above the bar area, um, gauche and kind of gross) this is a taqueria/Tijuana/East LA/playroom/hangout/bar/communal restaurant with prices that won’t break the bank and a menu of nibbles and cocktails that already has folks lining up due to the no ressies policy (eh).   The Monster heads over ready to get down on some chow (but apparently not take great pics because el camera decides to be sans juiced batteries so get ready for some iphone fuzziness, apologies).

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New England style seafood has become all the rage in LA.  Old stalwarts like Hungry Cat have been joined more recently by BP Oysterette, Littlefork and Connie and Ted’s.  Well, The Monster went to Fishing with Dynamite last night and for his money it’s the best of the bunch.

From David LeFevre, the maestro behind MB Post which many believe is the finest dining in the South Bay, FWD is a jewel box of a restaurant two doors down.  A few tables, a small oyster bar and four seats at the bar, this has proven a hard reservation both because of the size of the restaurant and the wonderful food on offer.

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Sunday saw the first ever LA Tacolandia at the Hollywood Palladium parking lot featuring over thirty restaurants, tequila tastings and lots of lines of sweaty people hungry for some great grub.

Some of The Monster’s favorites were there, Coniseafood, Tacos Punta Cabras, Chichen Itza, and Gish Bac to name a few.

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The Monster wants to love Locanda Positano.  Intimate space.  Engaging service.  Fine wine.  Tasty food.

And yet he finds that he merely likes it.

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Right after The Monster bemoans the lack of Greek/Med options on the Westside Creation Grill opens on Ocean Park to much initial acclaim from the Yelpers.

Perhaps The Monster has some sort of cosmic say in such matters.  Can we get an amazing sushi restaurant near the ocean, please?

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It has become a bit of a de rigueur thing to knock Jitlada.  From its peak as being described as one of the two best Thai restaurants in America (Lotus of Siam in Vegas being the other) it is now getting a ton of pushback as overrated, overpriced and underwhelming.

That’s mostly BS.

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Indian food bug…
Chicken tikka masala…
Veggies and some naan!

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There is a sign at Mo Better Burgers that clearly warns that the food is cooked to order and it will take fifteen to twenty minutes to receive your order.  That’s all good.  Rather have the food freshly prepared than premade or frozen.

But when they aren’t all that crowded (save apparently to-go orders for days) at what point does a hungry Monster start to lose his mind?  Twenty-five minutes?  Thirty minutes?  Thirty-five?  Forty?  This is a burger joint, not Melisse.

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Delicious things assuredly can come in ugly packages.  Such is the case with Hungry Pocket Falafel House.  You could pass by this tiny, ugly box of a restaurant on Pico a million times and not once think to stop in.  If you do stop in you might immediately turn around and flee as the few stools around the counter and scattered tables do little to engender confidence that even an edible meal, let alone a good meal, awaits.  And even then, when your food is delivered you might shirk away, it is not the prettiest of plates.

But all of that would be a mistake.  Because Hungry Pocket offers up delicious, inexpensive food with friendly service.

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