There are days when the only thing that will do is fried chicken, mac and cheese, collared greens and cornbread.  For The Monster this happens often.  Almost every day often.

So Matthews Homestyle Cooking happened.



In Gardena (where more good restaurants are located than The Monster ever would have imagined…El Rocoto, Sea Empress, Kotohira etc.) is this Southern food beacon serving up some delicious food and hospitable service.

Now, the problem here is The Monster wants to order more food than he can possibly eat.  Poboy would be good.  Wings would be good.  Gumbo would be good.  Catfish.  Baked turkey wing.  Peach cobbler.  Banana pudding.  But since he already has fried chicken in mind it is that with which he goes.

The other problem about this is the anticipation.  The Monster is hungry.  Gardena is not close.  The food is cooked to order.  Should have ordered an appetizer.

But patience is rewarded with some tasty dark meat fried chicken (love the flaky crust doused with hot sauce), and fine versions of mac and cheese and collared greens.



If you’re a Southern food fan (who isn’t?) than add Matthews Homestyle to your list.  Next up for The Monster, Flossies, Dulan’s Soul Food and M&M Soul Food in search of food as great as the sadly closed Maurice Snack ‘N Chat.

Why go?  You need your fix.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

2222 West Rosecrans Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249

(310) 817-5496

Matthews Home Style Cooking on Urbanspoon

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