Matzo ball soup is the perfect cure for whatever ails you.  Medical fact.

The Monster heads over to Lenny’s Deli (in the old Junior’s Deli space) with the intention of getting a large bowl of soup and be cured of his many ills.


Place looks much the same as before.  Huge deli cases stacked with all sorts of goodies.  Lots of altacockers.  Some pickles and kraut to start you off.  LA is just not NY when it comes to good delis.  Here’s hoping…


So The Monster orders the matzo ball soup (which they claim on the menu is the best in town) along with a half smoked turkey sandwich served with mini potato pancakes.

The soup comes out steaming hot.  It is filled to the brim with chicken and carrots and celery and a nice big old matzo ball.  It is good.  It is not great.  Aunt Connie made great matzo ball soup.  Ben’s Kosher in New York makes great matzo ball soup.  Lenny’s makes good matzo ball soup.  It needs a bit more flavor.  The Monster even thinks about asking for some Tabasco.  He doesn’t.

Now the sandwich, it is fine.  Served on rye bread with some lettuce it does the trick in a simple, unadorned way.  Some spicy, hot mustard and you’ll be happy enough.  On the other hand, the mini potato pancakes are straight up filthy.  Is there actually potato in them?  One bite and then they are pushed to the side.


Service is friendly if not a bit uneven.  The biggest complaint is the glass of water is tiny.  The Monster is thirsty.  The glass hardly gets refilled.  Get bigger glasses, Lenny’s.

The search for amazing matzo ball soup will continue…

Why go?  Not a lot of options.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2379 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 475-5771


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4 responses to “REVIEW: LENNY’S DELI

  1. I agree with you on the matzo ball soup. A bit bland.

  2. connie robins

    Thanks for the mention of my matzo ball soup.Love you,Aunt Connie

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