The Monster is a man.  Hence, he likes chicken wings.

So he goes to Hoagies & Wings.



It’s a little order window on La Cienega.  It’s a menu of…hoagies…and wings…and boneless wings…and other unhealthy stuff like bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Apparently there is a salad on the menu.  And the last person to order it got laughed at so hard he’s never come back.

As this is a midday snack for The Monster he decides on a ten piece boneless order (less mess, wearing nice clothes, yes it is a bit of a cop-out) split between the hot wing sauce and the chipotle bbq.

From here there are a few picnic tables outside to bake in the heat and wait until your order is ready.  For those of you with a wing craving but too lazy to head to this outpost, they have a huge delivery area so wings can be yours right on your couch.  That being said, they have a huge delivery (supposedly from Santa Monica to downtown) area so expect the delivery to take forever and your wings to possibly no longer actually be chicken by the time they reach you.

Now, The Monster would love to try the turkey burger and the flavored chicken fries and the super bbq chicken hoagie but when he comes here he is looking to fan the flames of desire for wings so that has yet to happen.

And then the (boneless) wings are ready and it is time to go to town.  The hot wing sauce is pretty good, the chicken pretty moist, the breading pretty decent.


Same goes for the chipotle bbq though there is a certain cloying sweetness that rings a little hollow and tastes a little artificial.


All that being said, The Monster is a man.  Hence, he likes chicken wings.

And LA just doesn’t have enough places to get great ones.  We have no Anchor Bar or Buff Joe’s sadly so we make due with what we have.

Why go?  Limited options.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

1544 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 360-4800

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