Sitting in Ameci wondering why?  How did it come to this?  There were grand plans for a great brunch. First scuttled when the place chosen is closed.  Next doomed when the second choice proves impossible to get to because of construction. And so The Monster is in Ameci. A place he remembers being dreadful. He is doing it to punish himself.

Because the place is sad. It’s horrible looking.  The menu is less then inspired.  It’s the Panda Express of Italian food. The table cloth is dirty. At least the guy at the counter is nice.



A chicken parm sandwich and fries.  How bad can it be?  The Monster dreads finding out.

He sits and waits.  Only one other table and they already have food.  Ten minutes pass into fifteen.  What is taking so long?  Seriously, wtf?  Where is the food?

And why does it sound like they are doing construction in the kitchen?  Should have just eaten week old leftovers from the fridge.

Are they raising the chicken from birth to then slaughter it and make it into a sandwich?  Are they waiting on the potatoes to sprout from the earth?

Might just start crying.  Would not be embarrassed.  No one would even notice.  Because apparently Ameci just planted tomatoes to use for the ketchup so the food will be ready in six months.

When the food does arrive it is packed to go.  Maybe they thought The Monster waited so long he has to get home lest an APB is put out for a missing person.

As for the food?  It’s nowhere near as bad as The Monster imagined.  The sandwich isn’t half bad and the fries, while overcooked, are edible.



Still. Never again.

Why go? Punishment.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

2218 Lincoln Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 314-0090

Other locations throughout Los Angeles

Ameci Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

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