Staying at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District with a rad view of the Highline from the room.  Once settled in The Monster realizes he has basically eaten a thousand calories of airplane nuts/pretzels/cookies and nothing else and starving is a definite possibility.  As it’s between lunch and dinner and time is at a premium heading down to the Standard Grill for something to stop the impulse to eats one’s own hand is the prudent move.

Sitting outside on a fine spring afternoon (a slight nip in the air but the rain has held off) The Monster remembers how much one can love NYC.  It’s a vibrant city with a true energy unique to it.  This is one person who can appreciate both NY and LA.



With a limited menu the call is a shrimp cocktail and the arctic char with roasted asparagus and tomato-fennel coulis.  To wash it down a Pimm’s Cup.  Might as well get the ball rolling on the evening.

There’s a raw bar on offer, there’s cured meats, there’s salads and a few main courses along with dessert.  Plenty from which one can make a proper meal even if between services.

Perhaps because of the time of day service is a bit scattered.  Bread is not brought until it is asked for.  Drinks come out after a long (too long) pause.  Water is refilled sparingly.  Still, this is a prime people-watching so a leisurely meal might work for you (if you’re not day-dreaming about eating the silverware).

When the Pimm’s Cup arrives (finally) it is obvious this is the wrong call.  Get a glass of wine instead.  This version of the classic is off on too many levels.  Still, it has an abundance of fruit and vegetables so it serves as a pre-appetizer appetizer.


Finally the shrimp cocktail arrives and it features a tangy sauce and nice enough sized shrimp.  It takes .02 nanoseconds for the dish to be devoured.  Bread arrives to scoop out the last of the cocktail sauce.  The Monster is starting to feel like a normal human being.


Next up the fish arrives and it is quite tasty.  Featuring a lovely sauce, well cooked fish and crunchy asparagus, it might not redefine your palate but it definitely is better than filler between meals.


On to dessert.  Cookies and milk and a glass of dessert wine.  Things are starting to buzz nicely and the sweetness factor is lovely.



All in all the Standard Grill is a nice launching point from which to begin your evening (which very well might end up on the roof of The Standard at the Boom Boom Room) with some solid enough grub and a lovely location.

Why go?  You are a connoisseur of people.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

848 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014

(212) 645-4100

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