Sitting in Boiling Shrimp, a Thai copycat of Boiling Crab, and they’re playing Barrington Levy’s reggae classic Here I Come.  Odd. But endearing.  Just like the restaurant.

Unlike Boiling Crab, Boiling Shrimp is empty at lunch. Completely empty.  Which makes no sense. Because the food is pretty tasty, the prices reasonable and the service friendly.




Upon entering you are assaulted by the pungent reek of garlic.  It’s an all out assault and your eyes might start stingy, sweet, garlicky tears. The walls are strewn with graffiti, a disco ball hangs wanly from the ceiling and reggae is playing.

Yea they serve Thai food and you could go all Pad Thai but that’s missing the point here.  The Monster orders a mixed seafood platter with mussels, shrimp and clams served with a mound of jasmine rice, a side salad and some red skin potatoes.


You might want to sample crayfish or king crab legs all done up in their addictive house sauce.

Know this, this is messy eating.  Shrimp must be de-shelled. Crayfish come whole.  You’ll be using the roll of paper towels on every table liberally.  You’re breath will not be right for a week.

But for less than ten dollars it is a seafood feast.  And you can hear Gyptian singing his reggae hit Hold You even if it doesn’t make sense in the slightest.

Why go? You’re a graffiti artist.

Monster rating 3½/5 Monsters

4814 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 663-7079

The Boiling Shrimp on Urbanspoon

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