It should come as little surprise that when The Monster found out about Country Koko Chicken, a new Korean fried chicken and wing joint in Koreatown, he made a trip out that very day.

In one of the numerous strip malls in Koreatown with like ninety-seven restaurants and annoying valet parking, this spot is not much to look at and it seems much of their business is in fact to go.  The menu is all chicken and a few sides.  You can get your chicken fried in a multitude of flavors along with wings and some grilled chicken (who would order that?).  So, if you don’t want chicken don’t come here, simple as that.




So a half order of regular fried chicken, an order of sweet and spicy fried chicken, some garlic wings, waffle fries and some weird ass (but tasty) noodle-y type dish (whose name is long forgotten but is something like the band Dokken) and a salad (which will not be eaten).  Gluttony at its finest.

So, the regular bird is good, but not oh my good I have chicken juice dribbling down my chin and I love it great.  The wings smell of pungent garlic but then lack that strong taste. They are decent.



What is great?  And by great we should say GREAT is the sweet and spicy fried chicken.  It’s like fried chicken meets General Tso’s and it is alone worth the trip.  Oh yea, the waffle fries are bomb as well.


This chicken makes an awesome cold breakfast the next day.  Just saying.

As for that salad, never touched it.



What are weird dish?

Service here is friendly and on this night the food comes out promptly.  Which is good because The Monster gets fried chicken impatient pretty quickly.  Also, the music here is Koreatown spectacular.  Always love Lionel Richie as done by a Korean woman.

Why go? For the ribs.

Monster rating 3½/5 Monsters

3522 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 738-8881

Country Koko Chicken on Urbanspoon

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