“A look at…” is a new series examining restaurants that are kind enough to invite The Monster to sample their cuisine.  Since these are hosted experiences and The Monster does not pay, the articles will not be reviews per se.  Instead, they will shine a light on places that you should check out.

So let’s take a peek at Areal on Main Street.

Once the home of World Café, the redo of Areal is smart and handsome.  The Monster visited soon after it changed over and enjoyed it then so he is excited to give it a second look.  Since a review is already written, this will focus more on why you must check this space out.

Still one of the best patios on which to wile away a day or imbibe into the night in LA, this multi-purpose space is equal parts restaurant, bar and venue to shake it up when the stars are shinging.


The kind people of Areal do two things very well.  The first is the excellent drinks program.  The Monster samples a wide array of beverages and be they whiskey based or vodka, fruity or strong, they are invariably excellent.  If nothing more than a chance to have a drink Areal is wise choice.


The second part of the equation with Areal is the wonderfully varied eats.  Be it chicken wings or pizza as an appetizer, or mussels and fish as the mains, the food being delivered here is light years better than what World Café had on offer.  The Monster enjoys everything he is brought and this works both as a place to grab a snack and drink and more refined meal.




Lastly, The Monster would be remiss in not extolling the kind and courteous service at Areal.  Everyone there is eager to make your stop an enjoyable time.

So next time you’re cruising Main Street be sure to check it out!

2820 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 392-1661

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6 responses to “A LOOK AT: AREAL

  1. Jeff

    you are a f’in sell out Monster! Really…shilling for a free meal for you and your girl and crappy Main St spots. You are now someone i used to know.

    • Hmm, would agree with you if not for the fact that you’re stone cold wrong. First, did not go with my girl. Second, the patio is fantastic. Third, while it was free it also happened to be good. Maybe because they know it will be written about they try harder. That’s why it says upfront this was free. There have been free meals where you have read nothing about them because there was nothing positive to say. In fact, there have been about five of those versus two articles written. May be a f’n sellout but not because of this.

  2. Jeff

    this is your jump the shark moment FTM…i wouldnt cheese out to shill for Areal…thats all dude, you know it too. Its like your Bourdain – The Taste moment.

  3. Jeff

    it was intended to be a back-handed compliment. Shilling for Areal and other craptaurants just means you are losing your edge, that’s all.

    Try not to be so defensive FTM, you know you are making a mistake here.

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