…and Otter Pops?  This one is pretty simple.



That warm and fuzzy, happy and safe feeling one gets when they associate something with simpler times. The very word itself derives from the Greek meaning “homecoming” and “ache.”  To ache for home.  Nostaligia.

It’s perhaps the same reason The Monster recently bought a t-shirt from the school he attended from first grade through graduation (the Bexley Lions) and is thinking about returning to Northwestern for the first time in fifteen years for homecoming.

Sure, there are other viable reasons. These frozen treats are sweet without being loaded down with calories.  They are a cheap salve against the summer’s oppressive heat.  They turn your tongue nifty neon shades.

But mostly, they are a direct link back to a time before The Monster had to worry about making a living and trying to start a family all the while losing ones you love.

They are summer BBQ’s in the back yard when you listened to FM radio with your friends. They are fireflies blinking as you scoped them up into mason jars amazed at their twinkling glow.  They are carefree reminders of the simple joys in life.

Now, now some will caution.  They are loaded down with preservatives and artificial flavors and all sorts of nasty things that aren’t all that great for you.  Entirely true.

But The Monster used to ride a bike without a helmet as a kid.  He used to get into the car with mom and dad without wearing a seat belt.  He used to swim right after eating.  Different times.

That’s why The Monster’s tongue is a Strawberry Short Kook red as he pens this.

And why he will always eat Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops.

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