Echo Park is not close to Santa Monica.  But The Monster needs some pizza and Hollywood Pies is closed.  That makes coming to Masa for some Chicago style deep dish pizza a lengthy excursion. Here’s hoping it is worth it.

The interior is a mishmash that is part pizzeria, part weird aunt’s home.  It works and yet it doesn’t. The clientele is equally a mixed bag of hipsters and ancients, families and The Monster.


You’ll find your servers friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.  Think lots of tats and piercings. And since a small deep dish with lots of cheese takes at least forty minutes you’ll have a lot of time to check everything out.

Some warm bread will tied you over.  Get a side of tomato sauce and you have a nice little starter.

As for the pie, it is quite large.  A small can feed 2-3 people and it’s just The Monster on this day. Oh well, it will be a nice dinner tonight. And breakfast tomorrow.


As for how it compares to Hollywood Pies?  It is good but not as good unfortunately.  Hollywood Pies is still the best this former Chicagoan has had in LA.

This pizza is missing the tangy flavor and large tomato chunks that make HP so wonderful.  That being said, this still works and none of it will be going to waste.

Why go? You are a weird aunt.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

1800 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 989-1558

Masa of Echo Park on Urbanspoon

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