Sitting outside on a cool Sunday at Littlefork and The Monster wonders who picked out this horrible music?  Luckily he is here for a lobster roll and some maple glazed onion rings and not for the music curation.

It’s Hollywood hip inside and pretty boring outside, what with uncomfortable chairs and the need for shaking up the dreary color palette.  But its come a long way from when this was Shin.



Littlefork is styled as a New England seafooder with Jason Travi, last of Fraiche at the helm.  The Monster wishes this was a little closer to him because the Hollywood address precludes visiting often.

But seriously, what is this music.  It’s pretty bad rap and the last thing that really fits during a relaxing Sunday brunch.  Maybe it is a good thing this is not in The Monster’s neck of the woods.

The food arrives and it is good news/bad news. Yes, the lobster roll is delicious.  Is it $24 delicious when accompanied by a small pile of chips and pickles?  Probably not.  Especially when lobster is at all all-time low in cost and availability.

IMG_6343 IMG_6344

As for the onion rings?  Disappointing and served without ketchup?  Sorry, but they really need it.


By the time the ketchup arrives the onion rings are cold. Hmmm.

So while The Monster likes Littlefork he is perfectly happy with BP Oysterette in his hood.

Why go? You are Eastside.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

1600 Wilcox Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-3675

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