What we do for love. Here is what we do…

We wake up on a Saturday morning and pick Mrs. Monster up at the airport.  We drive her to Solvang.  Repeat Solvang.  That Solvang. Two plus hours away.



She has a bachelorette party in wine country and the limo leaves before she can make it.  So The Monster plays chauffeur.

Limo arrives at the winery three minutes before The Monsters.  Not awesome.

Starved, The Monster stops at a restaurant recommendation inside a hotel. It is empty. No customers.  No wait staff.  No hostess. Empty.  And yet the sign says open. The door is open. The hotel is open.  Standing confused for a moment.

Stumble to the car.  So starved.  So annoyed.  The first place The Monster spies is The Big Bopper.  A drive-in.

And so it is.

Chicken sandwich, curly fries, pink lemonade.  Decent eats.  Does the trick.



Not worth the two and a half hour drive home alone though. That’s for sure.

Why go?  Love.

Monster rating: Annoyed/5

1510 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA 93463

(805) 688-6018

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