By the time The Monster makes it to Farmer Brown he has had quite a few cocktails.  And that is perhaps the perfect way to arrive at Farmer Brown.

That way you can sit at the bar and order yourself, your friends and the bartender a shot and not feel bad at all.



The loud, Southern food by way of San Fran hip restaurant seems best experienced by those looking for a jovial night of camaraderie and less so those looking for epicurean highs. Oh, you’ll find some of them too but you’ll also be left scratching your head.

Case in point, the shrimp and grits is just delightful. Tons of shrimp and yummy grits make this down home meal worth the order.  As for the fried chicken, save yourself the anguish because it just doesn’t deliver on this night.  Why no picture of said fried chicken you ask?  See the above mention of shots. The Monster did however videotape his fried chicken but that doesn’t help any of us now does it.  So in its stead here is a picture of a chicken.


At this point however you may not care much about the food because you and your cohorts are having so much fun (at least those who haven’t wandered off to parts unknown) that another drink far outweighs a culinary sojourn.

As the night becomes raucous and the cocktails go down smoothly you’ll leave Farmer Brown a little less hungry and a lot more happy.

Why go?  Revelry.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

25 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 409-3276

Farmerbrown on Urbanspoon

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One response to “REVIEW: FARMER BROWN

  1. iris

    I could use a drink myself.

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