Here we have a study in anomaly. Isaan Station is a Thai restaurant in Koreatown. It is a very good Thai restaurant in Koreatown.  That alone is an anomaly.

Upon entering you may feel like you’ve walked into a Debbie Gibson music video.  You have.  What with the horrible 80’s day-glo paint job and inexplicable radios scattered along the walls.  Weird.




Know this before heading this way, it’s a valet only lot but that’s free.  Odd for LA but we’ll take it.  And it’s cash only but they have an ATM. The incredibly friendly waitress was convinced however it was broken.  It wasn’t.

You’ll find a few Americanized Thai dishes on the menu but the far more interesting food is that which sounds the scariest.

Things with pickled, raw crab and blood and parts of animals you did not know existed is where the real food is found on this menu.




Also, when they ask how hot know that medium means hot and hot means fiery, searing, scorching and wonderful pain.  This is not a Thai restaurant in Marina del Rey catering to sailors who just docked the boat.

Isaan Station is a place that doesn’t make much sense in a world that likes to codify things easily.  That alone means you should check it out.

Why go?  You are a study in contrasts.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

125 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 380-5126

Isaan Station on Urbanspoon

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