The Monster likes Cube.  He really does. Or at least he thought he did.  Which makes this all the more difficult.

Because the restaurant is a sweltering cauldron (turn on the damn AC) and the meal is a total disappointment.




It all starts with erroneous information that Bludso’s is open for lunch.  It isn’t. Or at least it wasn’t.  So with ‘cue on the brain perhaps a hasty switch to Italian is bound to fail.   Doubtful. The Monster will eat Italian for breakfast (he did this very day, left over lasagna).

He wants the fried chicken but doesn’t have the time.  Nevermind it is an Italian restaurant and fried chicken doesn’t make any sense (there is also the cost of the fried chicken which at $28 is so expensive as to seem egregiously expensive and unreasonable to the point of being insulting).

You might want to start off with a salad and then perhaps share a pizza.  Weirdly, none of the main courses seem particularly Italian and they all seems overpriced for the size of the portions.  Dandy.

So instead it is velvet tomato soup with Quebec four year cheddar and sweet pea tortellini, brondo, Parmesan, pea tendrils.


It is expensive. Over thirty dollars for a bowl of soup and six pieces of tortellini.  Even taking that out of the equation the soup is a tad pedestrian and the pasta perhaps needs a shot of…wait for it…taste?

With the lukewarm water and a restaurant that feels like Hades The Monster beats a hasty retreat feeling disappointed.  And hungry.  That’s a bad combination.

Next time the fried chicken.  And some AC.  Or maybe there will not be a next time sadly.

Why go?  You don’t sweat.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

615 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 939-1148

Cube Cafe on Urbanspoon


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