There is a certain type of restaurant The Monster can always get right with.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Its menu isn’t too healthy or trumpet all the farms where the food is sourced.*  Its options just plain sound good.

Enter Blue Cow Kitchen.




Let’s start with the bad.  Blue Cow is downtown on Grand in an area where parking is next to impossible.  All the lots are the type that charge ridiculous fares ($3 per fifteen seconds or some such shenanigans) so just figuring out logistics to this place is a Boschian nightmare.

And the place gets crowded quickly.  Office Dilberts come in droves during lunch.  So if you come without a reservation you might be waiting.  Also, there is the little bit about the duck wings.  The Monster wants, err, needs them.  But they are only served during dinner.  Drats Blue Cow, you vanquished The Monster.

Now onto the good.  The menu is simple.  Some snacks and starters, quite a few sandwiches, some entrée salads and a couple larger plates.  The end.  Even then, deciding what to order is a process of elimination with the friendly waitress.

“The tandoori club or the Vietnamese salad?”  “Brick chicken or chickpea sandwich?”  “Nevermind, definitely the BSB’s country fried chicken rolls with mustard slaw on mini Hawaiian rolls.”

“And to start?”  “Hmm, baked then fried potatoes with housemade smoky garlic ketchup and onion whip.”  “Oh, and the grilled Romanesco broccoli with celery salsa, pomegranate and pine nuts.”

The fried potatoes area as decadently delicious as they sound.  The broccoli proves both wonderful and a reason to pretend this meal is healthy and the sandwich kicks the whole meal into the stratosphere of great taste.



There’s a nice little selection of wine, beer and cocktails as well for those who want some liquid libations to wash down their vittles.

All in all, Blue Cow is a friendly, casual spot to have a simple, satisfying meal that will leave you smiling.

*Okay, the menu does actually do this as well as offer vegan options but you get the point.

Why go?  Duck wings.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

350 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 621-2249

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3 responses to “REVIEW: BLUE COW KITCHEN

  1. i will definitely try the duck wings next time i go here! i love their vietnamese salad!

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