After hitting up Nobu Malibu and realizing to leave sated would be a $400 meal (and that ain’t happening on this day) The Monster heads over to D’Amores for a slice or two.

You’re not here for the atmosphere because there is none.  Nor are you here for the cleanliness.  Not one tabletop is clean. Not even remotely.  Still, the place is pretty crowded and they seem to do a good take out business as well.


The question is why?  The pizza is little more than decent.  In fact, the cheese isn’t even that.  It lacks much taste.  Taste is a relatively important thing with pizza.  Or, The Monster will posit, food in general.  The BBQ chicken is pretty good.  But it is hard to mess up BBQ chicken pizza.


Perhaps it is because you’re in Malibu and you don’t have much choice.  Or perhaps because Nobu decided to charge such exorbitant prices for your great view and now this is all you can afford.  Those might be the reasons you are at D’Amores.  But since they have locations throughout LA why are you at the Canoga Park joint? Or the one in Encino?  What’s your excuse?

Either way, D’Amores works in a pinch but it’s not a slice The Monster would seek out.

Why go?  Nobu Matsuhisa keeps getting richer.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

22601 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 317-4500

Other locations throughout LA

D'Amore's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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