It’s like Ralph Lauren meets Asia at Nobu Malibu. Beautiful indoor/outdoor space of light woods and trendy people highlighted by being mere feet from the crashing waves.

The feel is reminiscent of La Huella in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.  A Monster favorite restaurant.  Sitting by the railing on a sunny afternoon and taking a gander at the menu one thing this is not, cheap.  But you already knew that coming in.





Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño, lobster tacos, black cod with miso and a shrimp with lobster and spicy lemon sauce salad is the order.


There isn’t a miss among the bunch.  Especially wonderful is the salad, light and refreshing, the spicy lemon sauce perfectly compliments the fruits of the sea.  The black cod is as decadent as The Monster remembers, so sweet it could almost double as dessert.



The menu is a greatest hits of Nobu specialties with some new twists sure to excite many.  The space, while not full, was plenty crowded for a late afternoon lunch.   Lots of birthdays and celebrations being had.

And yet The Monster leaves feeling unsatisfied.  Perhaps it is because the mini lobster tacos were the size of thimbles and still $16.  Or because the meal as a whole ends up being over $150 and there is still plenty of room in the gas tank for more.  Or because valet (your only real option) tacks another $10 onto the bill.

So while the view is unrivaled and the food delicious, Nobu Malibu feels like a giant exercise in excess.

The Monster is now heading over to D’Amores for a slice.

Why go?  You are filthy wealthy.

Monster rating 3/5 Monsters

22706 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 317-9140

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One response to “REVIEW: NOBU MALIBU

  1. iris

    OMG so close yet so far away! sounds way wonderful

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