Rivabella, from IDG (Boa, Roku, Katana, etc.) is a beautiful space, much of it outdoors to take advantage of our perfect Southern California weather.

A lovely water feature brings a peaceful calm you’ll appreciate being on Sunset and a huge outdoor fireplace must make nights here awfully cozy.  Along with wonderfully mature vegetation it makes you feel like you are eating in a magical setting.  You are.  Too bad the food doesn’t totally live up to the venue.




The soup special, an asparagus and broccoli purée is fine. Maybe this is a case of miss-ordering.  Or maybe they should offer a more inspired soup.


And then the pasta, a strozzapreti with shrimp, spinach and tomato is…fine as well.  It just really wants more…taste.  Oh, little things like that.

Glad The Monster did not spring for the lobster tail that was so tempting him.  A fifty dollar plus lunch that is fine wouldn’t be…fine at all.

Maybe you opt for a beef Carpaccio Romagna style to start and follow it up with a one of their many pizzas or swordfish with creamed spinach and red wine sauce.

Service is a strong suit.  From the hostesses to the waiter to the busboys RivaBella does make you feel like a special guest.  And the environment is second to none.  Here’s hoping the food finds its footing.

Why go?  You prefer the scene to the food anyway.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

9200 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 278-2060

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