From the team behind Eveleigh (not a fan, pretty space with mediocre food) comes this new spot on West Third which is sure to become another Saturday and Sunday staple for those looking to look beautiful and wash it down with a bundle of mimosas and maybe even a touch of brunch.

A small patio hidden from the street with blooming flowers and a vertical garden along one wall take up the front.  A good looking dining room dominated by a bar flanking one side is the interior.  So far, so good.




The menu is…small.  The menu is…not terribly interesting.  The menu is…not very promising.

The Monster orders a glass of Chardonnay and hopes for the best.

The best is not what you will find sadly. The food proves mostly uninteresting and none of it feels like anything the better chefs amongst you readers couldn’t whip up at home.

Grilled flatbread with honey, rosemary, ricotta.  Meh.  Avocado on toast with smoked chili flakes and lemon.  Eh.  As starters the table is not feeling it.



The Monster orders both the chicken salad with confit chicken, chicken skin, creme fraiche, chives, celery, cucumber, bloomsdale spinach and the wood fired scallop salad with kohlrabi, cucumber, and Brussels sprouts and neither impress.  Not even close.  The salads are uninteresting to the point of being sad.


A bottle of Chardonnay later and the table is discussing where to go after this meal to have a proper lunch.

Sorry Goldie’s, you’re a beautiful date without much substance.

Why go?  You drink your brunch.

Monster rating: 1½/5  Monsters

8422 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 677-2470

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5 responses to “REVIEW: GOLDIE’S

  1. Dee Kerrison

    Thanks for the review. Was planning to go this week but I’ll do a DETOUR!!

    Sent from my iPhone Dee

  2. aimee

    OMG i absolutely LOVED it! The food is healthy SO tasty and not those typical commercial over sized fatty salads and dishes that just leave you feeling sick. I have had brunch there twice and dinner last night on the opening night! Every single person in there was praising the chefs for the amazing food. The Steak tartare is the best i have ever tried, and I have been all over the world. Including Paris. THe Pork was absolutely delicious as was the lamb and the kale salad which i am obsessed with. Im not even going to get started on the desserts. ALl round a great restaurant, amazing staff and the latest chilled beats always playing. I LOVED IT!

    • Glad you had a better experience. Our table of three was unanimous that unfortunately our meals were all subpar. Charging ten dollars for a piece of bread with avocado is criminal. Of course who was the idiot who ordered it? 🙂

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